Units of First Quarter

1st Quarter

A Peek at Quarter 1


Phonics is a time for us to learn our letters, sounds, and strategies to help us become better readers.

*We will identify and practice writing the letters: Mm, Aa, Ss, Pp, Tt, Ii, Nn, Cc.

*The sight words we will practice this quarter are: I, Can, The, We, See, a, Like, to, and, go.

*Please practice letter recognition and sight words at home with your child.


Shared Reading-

Unit 1 theme: Take a New Step

Essential Question: What can we learn when we try new things?

The stories we will be reading are:

-What About Bear?
-How to Be a Friend
-Baby Animals on the Move
-Senses at the Seashore

Unit 2 theme: Let's Explore

Essential Question: What can you find out when you explore?

The stories we will be reading are:

-The Handiest Things in the World
-Discover with Tools
-Shapes All Around
-Find the Shapes
-I Love Bugs!
-Bugs All Around

Vocabulary Words from these stories that will be introduced are: problem, grasped, escape, rescue, adventure, movement, exhausted, exciting, arrived, senses, explore, feast, kneads, discover, fetch, rumble, defeated, materials, nature, curious, observe, process, slender


Unit 1: Who Is in School Today?

In this unit, students practice classroom routines and explore materials.

Unit 2: Counting and Comparing.

In this unit, students practice measurement and connecting numbers to quantities.

Color Thursdays

Please dress your child in the following colors on these days: 

  • 9/8- Red
  • 9/15- Orange
  • 9/22- Yellow
  • 9/29- Green
  • 10/6- Blue
  • 10/13-Purple
  • 10/20-Pink
  • 10/29-Black 
  • 11/3-Brown
  • 11/10-Gray

Upcoming Events

  • 9/5- Labor Day- No School
  • 9/12- Professional Development Day for teachers-No School for students
  • 9/13-9/15-Book Fair
  • 9/16- Independence “Kiss and Go” Day!
  • 9/28- Picture Day!


 Contact me: [email protected] or send a note to school in your child's BEE book.