FAQs about Remote Learning

Frequently Asked Questions About Remote Learning

2019-2020 School Year

Updated: April 27, 2020

Questions Answered by Mr. Ament:

Does my child have to complete both the packet lessons and the lessons in Schoology?  Students are expected to do one or the other, but definitely not both.  Students who can access Schoology do not need to complete the packet. 

What if my 3rd-5th grader just received their device?  Sign into your home wifi.  On Monday jump in with remote learning in Schoology.  

What if my child only has packets and no online access?  Have them work in the packets and at least once a week send photos of completed pages to his teacher, who will review the work and provide feedback.  

We have no packets or computer.  What do we do while we wait?  First, I am sorry for the delay in delivery.  Here are a few ideas for this challenging situation.  If you have a printer, the BCPS packet resources can be accessed on any smart phone and printed.  If you have no access to a printer, the packet lessons can be viewed online and completed on notebook paper.  Another option is to have your child complete the resources sent home on Friday, March 13th if they haven't been completed yet.  Also, consider having him/her read books in your home library.  (This is one of the best things for your child whether or not you have computer access.)  Finally, students can access DreamBox through their Schoology log in. Hopefully resources arrive and this is remedied for you very, very soon.

What is the learning expectation for my child?  If your child has regular access to Schoology or has received a packet, then he/she should complete all lessons in a given week.  If your child has limited access to Schoology because a device has not yet been received from BCPS, prioritize the ELA and Math lessons if possible.  Content lessons and Special area lessons can be completed in the packet, while you await the arrival of a device.  

Does my child need to attend all Google Meets?  It is expected that all students who can participate in a Google Meet, will participate.  This is dependent on your specific situation.  If access is limited in your home, then prioritize participation in the ELA and Math Google Meets.  The Google Meets incorporate instruction, with  teacher modeling and practice opportunities.  

How often do I have to contact my child's teacher?  If your child is in Schoology, then your child will be in touch with the teacher regularly.  If your child has no access to Schoology, then you should reach out to the teacher once weekly, by sending photos of completed packet pages.