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                                                 About Me

I have been teaching vocal music in Baltimore County for 21 years. I have been at Edgemere Elementary for 10 years. I attended both Towson University and Notre Dame and continue to pursue educational opportunities . Right now I teach grades K-5 at Edgemere Elementary School. I play music professionally in addition to teaching. I have been performing for over 30 years and continue to enjoy the interaction with new audiences.I have been recognized by Laura Bush for writing a song “ No Child Behind”.This same song was used by Baltimore County Public Schools. My original Kid friendly songs on my C.D. Safety Dance have been distributed world-wide. I am happily married and have 3 great children. All of my children play sports and enjoy music and school. I believe that every person on Earth has music inside……we just show and appreciate it differently. Different is cool.


                                            Our Class

Each student will receive 50 minutes of vocal music per week. Each student will have the opportunity to perform. Each student will have fun.


 will respond to music through movement.

 will experience performance through singing and playing



  will develop awareness of the characteristics of musical sounds and

  the diversity of sounds in the environment.

  will experiment with standard and individually created symbols to

  represent sounds.

  will develop knowledge of a wide variety of styles and genres

  through the study of music history.

  will become acquainted with the roles of music in the lives of people.

  will develop the ability to recognize music as a form of individual

  and cultural expression through experiencing music as both personal  and  societal expression.

  The student will develop readiness for composing and arranging by experimenting

  with sound.


   will develop the ability to improvise music through experimentation

  with sound.

  will explore the relationship of music to dance, theater, the visual

  arts, and other disciplines.

   will evaluate selected musical compositions using established criteria.

   will develop personal aesthetic criteria for evaluating musical


                                                        Contact Information.

       You can reach me by email; [email protected] or 410-887-7507



                   TwitterAccount @ Edgemere_BCPS