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I love to hear stories from people who just “knew” that they were going to grow up and become a teacher.  I listen jealously, in awe at their sense of Career Destiny.  But if I am being honest, that is not my story at all.  As a young man, I had NO desire to be a Teacher.  Fireman? Yes.  Police Officer? Yup.  Lawyer?  Sure. Teacher?  Not a chance! 

I had very little interest in school and learning. I did well in school and usually complied with the requirements of my teachers, but I lacked the wisdom needed to foresee the benefits of working hard and being committed.  Thankfully, I had parents who possessed such wisdom, who had learned the value of a good education.  They learned the hard way that education leads to greater options down the road and frequently to a better income.  They had struggled to get by, working jobs they didn’t love, and wanted better for me and my siblings. 

Their Wisdom guided me through school and into college, where I initially enrolled as a criminal justice major.  I was dismayed to find that something about this focus just felt wrong.  It wasn’t for me.  So, I stumbled around for a while, looking for a focus, praying, and asking others for guidance.  It wasn’t until 1995 that I found my Career Destiny and begun studying to become an elementary educator.

The rest is history. I loved the major in college, and loved teaching even more.