This Year in Science

Blast Off!

Did you know that it takes a chemical reaction to get a rocket into space? Students will investigate different fuel sources for a new rocket design. They will plan and conduct an investigation to develop this fuel and construct scale models of a rocket to use the fuel.

Becoming Banneker

Students will will investigate the effects of gravity, analyze the apparent movement and brightness of the sun and stars, and examine the visibility of celestial bodies throughout the year.  Along the way, they will meet Mr. Banneker and discover how he was able to use the stars to determine location and time.  By the end, students will use the information learned in this unit to design, construct, and use a sundial.

Where's the Water?

Students will work to answer the essential question of "How can we use the interaction of the Earth's systems to solve problems for people?"


Students will answer "Can people effectively manage Baltimore County's ecosystem?"