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"Elementary School community is an environment of excellence in teaching and learning where students reach high academic standards and learn to be self-motivated, well-rounded citizens.” 


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Welcome to 1st grade! As an alumni of Edgemere Elementary, it is great to be back in the community. I graduated from Towson University in 2009 with a bachelor in Early Childhood Education. I am also certified in Special Education and I am currently earning credits to get my masters in Human Resources and Instructional Technology. This is my 8th year teaching; I spent 4 years in Kindergarten here at Edgemere and 3 years in 2nd grade. I enjoy spending time with my husband and dog bandit, reading, and anything to do with Disney.  


"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go."
-Dr. Seuss


*10:30-10:35-Bathroom Break
*10:35-10:55-Reading Workshop
*2:00-2:25-Science, Social Studies, Health


Specials Schedule






Classroom Rules & Expectations
In our class, we follow the Edgemere Elementary Pride:
            Persist with all tasks
                                      Respect my teachers, peers, and myself
Interact kindly
       Do my best always
       Enjoy our diversity
    We have a behavior chart in the classroom and every student has their own clip. They have the chance to move up and down the levels. Each night, I will color the dates block on the Monthly calendar the color your child was on at the end of the day. Please sign the calendar every night. As a class we can earn cubes to get a class prize! These are the different behavior levels:

Our class will be using Class Dojo this year. ClassDojo is a behaviormanagement tool for the classroom. Each student has a profile – complete with their own avatar – to which teachers can assign positive and negative points (or 'dojos') throughout the lesson. Students will use the following point system for behavior at the end of the day:

5-6 points= Student went above and beyond and had an amazing day!

3-4 points= Student had a great day and was focused on learning.

0-2 points= Student is determined to come to school ready to do their best the next school day.  

Here is what to come in the 3rd Quarter:



Unit 5- Figure it Out (Exploring the World Around Us):

Over the course of Unit 5, students will read and explore two genres of informational text: biographies and "How-to" texts. The first half of the unit focuses on biographies in order to give students an opportunity to figure out how items in their worlds have been created. Students will learn about famous inventors and examine how their inventions improved our daily lives. They will ask and answer questions, identify the main topic, and retell key details as they are exposed to a variety of text through shared, small group, and independent readings.Additionally, as students are exploring the biography genre, they will simultaneously work on writing their own autobiography in the writing workshop. During the second half of the unit, students will participate in a shared research experience of "How-To" text in order to identify the structure and use of text features within the genre. Students will identify and explain the purpose of different text features, examine how illustrations contribute to a text, and describe the connection between ideas presented in a text as they are exposed to a variety of text through shared, small group, and independent readings. The shared research portion of the unit prepares students for the culminating event where students will write their own "How-To" book on personal area of expertise. 

Unit 6 Exploring the Concept of Change Through Literature:
In this unit, students will read, listen to, and view a variety of literary texts  in order to explore and discover generalizations for the concept of change and to discuss the central messages of the texts. They will describe characters, settings, and major events,  while considering the different ways in which the concept of change is presented in the stories. The experiences of characters may be naturally compared, since threads of similar messages exist between them, such as: overcoming problems and working towards solutions, making the world a better place. Students will participate in collaborative conversations to develop their comprehension, to discuss higher-level questions, to share thoughts and ideas, and to prepare for the culminating event where students will write an opinion piece on which text best illustrated the concept of change. Teachers may want to have students keep a Change Portfolio for this unit as they gather artifacts from each lesson using a folder, large paper folded in half or using available technology



Unit 8-Addition, Subtraction, & the Number System 4:
Students revisit the number sequence as they count and write numbers to 100 and beyond. Students work on achieving fluency with the two-addend combinations of ten, they are introduced to ideas about equivalence (8 + 5 = 10 + 3), and they engage in activities that highlight the importance of ten in our Base-10 number system. As students work with contexts that provide opportunities to count by groups of 2s, 5s, and 10s, they think about ways to organize objects so that they are easier to count and combine, and they begin to make sense of what it means to count by equal groups.

Unit 9-3D Geometry :
This second geometry unit in first grade focuses on three-dimensional shapes and the relationships between
them. Students observe, describe, compare, classify, represent, and build with 3D shapes. They develop vocabulary for naming and describing 3-D shapes and explore the relationship between 2-D and 3-D shapes.



During the quarter, we will work on sentence structure and adding details to a sentence.
Please practice spelling at home by sounding things out. Students are working on restating the question in their answer.


Social Studies Science
Geography Basics X Marks the Spot          
My Local Community Creeper and Creature Feature
My State is a Community Making Waves
 My Nation is a Community 

Personal Health & Family Living
Healthy Living Part I
Healthy Living Part II

Events Coming Up!
Here are a couple of things to look out for:
*4/9-PTA Meeting 6 pm
*4/13-4/15-PTA Urban Air Fundraiser
*4/17-State of the Schools with Mr. Ament
*4/19-3rd Quarter report cards go home
*4/20-Twin Day
*4/24-PTA Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser
*5/11-Hat Day
*5/17-Science Center Field Trip
*5/28-Memorial Day-No School
*6/1-Sports Day


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Here's to a great year! Please refer to your child's take home folder every night. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at or call the school at 410-887-7507.